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The first biography of a 20th century powerhouse couple, find out what reviewers, the community, and fans have to say about Politics, Partnerships, & Power: The Lives of Ralph E. & Marguerite Stitt Church.


“A fascinating window into midcentury American politics… enriches our understanding of women and politics in midcentury Washington, a topic that has been overlooked for far too long. A deeply valuable contribution.” – Dr. Melissa Blair, author of American Women: A New Narrative History

“Shining a light on the powerful work and legacy of a legendary couple… an illuminating glimpse into America’s unpredictable history… rich in historical context and well-researched detail, illustrating how this long series of events shaped the landscape of Chicago and national politics for the better part of four decades. Reading at times like a novel, this comprehensive work of history feels like an inspiring allegory about the American Dream, resulting in a historical work that tells a far greater story than local politics, and one that reveals the country’s collective potential.” – Self Publishing Review

“[A] delightfully evenhanded style… an immersive portrait of the political landscape over a considerable stretch of American history, brimming with ‘lessons of service, heart, and advocacy.’ An engaging and instructive history.” –Kirkus Reviews

“An excellent work to add to your bookshelf.” – Matthew Lloyd, Reedsy


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