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Politics, PartnershipS, & Power:

The Lives of Ralph E. & Marguerite Stitt Church


Jay Pridmore & Christine Wolf

This is the very first biography of a twentieth century powerhouse couple who, with prescient and persistent methodologies and hearts, gave four decades of legislative service and established much of Illinois’ dedicated political tradition. Spanning everything from the awkward dance of prohibition in Evanston to Marguerite Stitt Church’s involvement in the creation of the Peace Corps — with a particular focus on her remarkable legacy as a pioneer for women in government — this historical nonfiction is both a resource and a gripping delight.

“[A] delightfully evenhanded style… an immersive portrait of the political landscape over a considerable stretch of American history, brimming with ‘lessons of service, heart, and advocacy.’ An engaging and instructive history.” – Kirkus Reviews







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