Our Story

This imprint is the extension of Col. Jennifer Pritzker’s desire to protect and connect communities through history that can be seen in her other endeavors. Books for sale under the Master Wings brand span a variety of genres and consistently highlight remarkable legacies and landmarks to provide not only entertainment but also unique insight.

Master Wings Publishing is a traditional book publishing company. As a publishing house, Master Wings pays advances and royalties to authors who submit their work and then are signed. If you’re searching how to get published, reach out and submit your book for consideration.


Our Mission

Master Wings Publishing dedicates itself to the creation and promotion of exceptional books that inspire, educate, and last. With a focus on empowerment and a careful attention to detail, all Master Wings titles not only illustrate the importance of lessons like resilience, but also entertain and add to the historical record. With Master Wings, readers consistently embark on engaging journeys filled with critical advice and new perspectives.


What We Do

Master Wings Publishing proudly distributes a unique, diverse catalog of provocative and educational titles that encourage advocacy and community. Spanning everything from architecture books to military books to poetry books, these exceptional publications connect and inspire readers, sharing and preserving insights and images that have not been accessible before.


At a Glance

  • Established in 2012
  • Led by Col. Jennifer Pritzker IL ARNG (Ret.)
  • Comprised of multiple genres, covering nonfiction print and digital trade book publishing
  • Based out of the Monroe Building in Chicago, Illinois – are we a book publisher near you?
  • Named after the highest-grade Parachutist Military Badge – learn more here
  • Committed to preserving and promoting inspirational and educational books


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