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Lita & Jean

Authors Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara bare all in their memoir Lita & Jean: Memoirs of Two Generations of Military Women.


Inspiring Women – Episode 107 – Thank you for your Service

Laurie McGraw’s Inspiring Women podcast featured Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara this Veteran’s Day, and McGraw highlighted “the amount of breaking new ground” the pair has done, admiring that they’ve “certainly paved the pathway for many others, and there’s nothing about it that sounded easy.”

Together, Tomas and McNamara speak here on their motivations and the importance of lifelong service and advocacy.



Patients Getting Paid Podcast – Episode 19 – Kathy Regan Young

Interviewer Kathy Regan Young praises the “actionable wisdom” that Lita Tomas and Jean McNamara provide and goes as far as to say the pair makes her “heart sing.”

Check out the remarkable community for people with chronic illness that Young guides, focused like Tomas and McNamara on direct support and accessible, actionable assistance.



The Scuttlebutt – Season 6 Episode 12 – Shaun Hall

The Veterans Breakfast Club hosts an informed conversation about the military experience, past and present, on their podcast The Scuttlebutt, and recent guests Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara left host Shaun Hall saying, “I’m not usually speechless, but …”

Hall endorsed their memoir as “an incredible story that I hope people will pick up,” and the authors themselves as people he wants “every parent to sit down with.” If you’re ready to pick up or sit down, or maybe just listen up, check out below.



Sisters in Service – Episode 63 – Cat Corchado

On this podcast for and about female veterans, host Cat Corchado spoke to authors Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara, something she described as “very special.” Corchado’s desire to engage and connect on veterans’ issues is matched in this pair, and Corchado closed by eagerly extolling her audience to “order that book!”



Women of the Military Podcast – Episode 183 – Amanda Huffman

Amanda Huffman boldly confronts and collects the stories of female veterans in her podcast, and her interview with Lita Tomas and Jean McNamara was what she called “inspiration to the next generation of women.”


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