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A shattering tell–all, find out what reviewers, the community, and fans have to say about Lita & Jean: Memoirs of Two Generations of Military Women.


Lita & Jean portrays the pain and struggle that too many of our veterans and military caregivers are forced to endure. At the same time, the story is a wonderful reminder of the joy and support that we can offer to each other, and how that mutual compassion and care strengthens our communities and the nation. Ultimately, this book demonstrates how everyday Americans continue to live up to the best of our nation’s values. Stories like these are why I am so devoted to supporting those who serve, their families, and their caregivers.” – Sen. Elizabeth Dole

“There are just too many great parts in this book to tell them all. Lita and Jean both do a wonderful job of explaining in great detail the many adventures they have had over the years serving in the different branches of the Armed Forces. As an Army mom myself, this book brought tears to my eyes several times because it really touches my heart to read about the grit and determination these soldiers have to train to defend our country. This book should be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and cultures as it is a beautiful look into the lives of two amazing women.” – Manhattan Book Review

“One thing that I absolutely love about memoirs is the moments in life that are so absurd you can only laugh at them. Life can be rather hilarious and there are plenty of those moments shared in this book. Another thing I especially loved about Lita & Jean was the overlapping of their stories after it switches to Jean’s perspective. Readers get to see the perspectives of both mother and daughter during the early years of Lita’s military duties.” – Sarah Hinrichs, Reedsy

“Both a reflection on the past and a lesson for the present, Lita and Jean: Memoirs of Two Generations of Military Women by Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara is an empowering dual memoir and a revealing look at the modern history of the US military.” – Self- Publishing Review

“Both accounts are inspirational, as neither McNamara nor Tomas had easy lives, but they both managed to surmount extraordinary hurdles, and they manage to convey their experiences cheerfully with wit and verve.” – Kirkus

“Women who want insiders’ views of this changing milieu and the experiences of women who enter the military will find Lita & Jean an outstanding survey with a powerful message to the public: ‘We came out stronger and more determined than ever to help others. We became advocates for ourselves and others: offense as well as defense. It is imperative to advocate for yourself in the military, as it is ‘mission first.'” – Midwest Book Review

“I think that this true story of military service and of family will appeal to anyone who has an interest in military memoirs, or who would just like to hear the raw, heart-felt voices of two strong inspirational women.” – Lucy F, NetGalley

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