Celebrating Small Press Month

March is National Small Press Month, and as an independent publishing house that seeks to create and promote exceptional books that inspire, educate, and endure, we are thrilled to celebrate it every year. Small Press Month began in 1996 to celebrate small and independent publishers’ place in the industry and highlight their important contributions to the publishing landscape.

One of the significant contributions that small presses make is to the legacy of storytelling. Niche and independent publishing houses identify and elevate stories that may not otherwise be told. Here are five ways that small publishers advance storytelling as a craft and five reasons to celebrate National Small Press Month:

Variety in the Historical Record: While mega publishers certainly contribute to the library of stories, they can be held to aggressive sales targets, restricting their ability to publish stories for stories’ sake. At Master Wings Publishing, we encourage authors to share stories that illustrate resilience, entertain readers, and add breadth to the historical record beyond the mass channels.

Hands-On Interaction with Authors: At Master Wings and other small presses, authors have opportunities to work directly with staff to bring their stories to life. Instead of being small fish in a big pond, we’re all swimming together. We also believe it’s essential to help authors retain control over the stories they tell so their books reflect their true experiences and opinions.

Quality of Content: While small presses may not produce the quantity of larger publishing houses, they can rival all sizes of publishers in quality. Small presses have published books that have won Pulitzer Prizes, Booker Prize, and other notable literary accolades. The skill and freedom that small presses often have give the ability to shine a light on remarkable, high-quality storytelling.

Platform Promotion: One of the first things large publishing houses look at when considering a new book is the author’s “platform.” In brief, a platform translates to an author’s ability to deliver readers, whether it’s through a large social media following, influential supporters, or visible leadership in the topic area of their book. Small presses, Master Wings included, can help create new platforms for authors to share their important stories rather than requiring already-built platforms from the start.

Empowered Perspectives: Ultimately, small presses exist for the sheer love of storytelling. Master Wings is devoted to helping readers embark on engaging journeys filled with empowering messages, valuable advice, and new perspectives. We aim to empower authors by giving them a publishing home and to encourage readers to consider new stories and points of view.

Cheers to National Small Press Month and thank you for supporting our small press and our authorsAs we wrap up the observance, check out other wonderful Chicago small publishers, including CityFiles PressBig Shoulders BooksAgate PublishingTortoise Books, and Amika Press! 



Master Wings Publishing Celebrates Small Press Month